‘Killig traject’
26.01.2013, Folkwang University, Essen (GE).

'Killig traject' is an introductory event and urban intervention with students of the Folkwang Art University in Essen in the framework of the project the Listening City.
The Listening City is an artistic research and exploration of the city by sound artists (www.notours.org and Karolin Killig), multimedia artists and urban artists (www.wit-urbanteam.com and Christian Hardt), examining the relationship between residents, the senses, sound and the city in simultaneous and collective creative processes in Athens, Essen and Dresden. The whole will show alternative and surprising experiences of the city showing urban oases and focal points, and changes, breaks and shifts of the three cities revealed by the exploriation of sound and by walking as artistic instruments and as instruments of knowledge. A project by the Goethe Institute Athens.
Curator: Geert Vermeire.